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Revixor is where innovative strategies meet unparalleled results

Our expert team crafts your path to success with targeted outreach, supplying you with warm leads that transform your B2B aspirations into tangible achievements

Strategic Outreach Mastery

Cutting-edge strategies to engage your ideal B2B customers effectively. You get warm, targeted prospects ready to convert

Transparent pricing policy

Clear and straightforward pricing policy where you know exactly what you're investing in. No hidden fees or surprises

Sales Boost Guaranteed

Elevate your revenue with confidence with high-quality leads that align perfectly with your Ideal Customer Profile

Accurate Leads Segmentation

Ensuring the utmost precision in targeting your ideal prospects

You can do better with Revixor!

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and grow your business with confidence. Our tailored approach ensures not just relevance, but maximum impact and ROI.

14 days or less

This is the time Revixor needs to find a perfect lead to your business (after the warm up is completed)

Up to 80,000 potentials

This is the number of leads we generate and contact for you each year.

up to 80%

Increase of the accuracy in selecting the right audience to approach. We don't just generate leads; we create opportunities for conversion. Our data-driven methodology is designed to turn leads into loyal customers, driving your business forward.

Elevating Your B2B Lead Generation Game

Experience more than a standard lead generation solution - empower your business with a strategy that not only generates leads but also nurtures them into valuable, long-term relationships.

Strategic Appointment Setting

Effortlessly schedule and secure appointments with key decision-makers, streamlining your path to business engagements.

Proactive Demand Generation

Catalyze demand for your products and services, strategically creating and nurturing market interest to drive business growth

Personalized Email Campaigns

Customized email campaigns with a personalized touch that resonates with your audience, elevating your email marketing to new heights

Holistic Sales Development

Elevate your sales pipeline with qualified, warm leads, maximizing your team's efficiency by focusing on high-priority prospects.

Market Expansion Strategies

Expand your market presence strategically, tapping into new territories and unlocking opportunities for growth.

Email Warm-Up Services

Safeguard your outreach efforts, ensuring your messages land directly in the inbox, maximizing deliverability and engagement.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

We understand unique needs and goals and ensure a perfect fit for your challenges and opportunities

Transform your B2B lead generation approach

Exceed your sales expectations with Revixor

$ 2 000 / m.
$ 3 000 / m.
Leads contacted
Sending domains
Sending mailboxes
Lead Qualification
Dedicated Account Manager
A/B testing
Email Deliverability Support
Weekly reports

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Average closing rate across 25 industries
$10 dollar return per $1 invested in this channel
Appointments booked per campaign per month

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